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Learn How to Deal with Dry and Fluffy Hair Here

There are various ways you can do to deal with dry and fluffy hair. By applying the right treatment, hair can be more manageable and look healthier. To deal with dry and fluffy hair, you must find the right shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you can use natural hair care ingredients, such as coconut oil and olive oil, to make hair more moisturized and manageable. Causes Dry and Fluffy Hair Dry hair occurs when the scalp cannot produce enough oil to moisturize the hair, or the hair loses its moisture due to damage to the cuticles (the protective layer of hair). In addition, the following things can cause hair to become dry and fluffy: Wash your hair too often or use shampoo with ingredients The habit of drying hair with a blow. Styling often uses a hair straightener or hair curler. Leaving hair exposed to sunlight, wind, and dry air without sufficient protection. Frequently perform hair treatments that use chemicals, such as coloring, curling or straightening hair permane
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Know the Causes of Baby Death in the Womb and Prevention

Pregnant women certainly hope to have a healthy pregnancy, so the baby is born into the world safely. However, there are several conditions that make a baby die in the womb (stillbirth). Let's find out the cause so that it can be prevented and watch out for. The baby dies in the womb or stillbirth is a condition in which the baby dies in the womb after the pregnancy is over 28 weeks. In some cases, there are also babies who die during labor, but the percentage is small. Causes of babies dying in the womb No one knows the exact cause of a baby dying in the womb. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase the risk of stillbirth, including: 1. Placental disorders Some cases of babies dying in the womb are often associated with a placenta that does not work well. The placenta is an organ that supplies nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the baby in the womb. If this organ is disturbed, the baby's development can be hampered. This may also be the ca

Natural Bintitan Eye Medicine That Can Be Found at Home

During this time there are many choices of various types of natural medicine as a drug that is known by the public. No need to think complicated, because it turns out there is a choice of drug that is simple and easily found at home. Peeping is often considered to be the cause of a small eye. But in fact, streaks are often caused by bacterial infections that grow at the root of the hair in the eyelashes. Treating Bintitan Eyes at Home Nods are usually complained of as bumps like pimples on the eyelids. These lumps can be painful, flushed, and swollen. There are also those who complain that stinging can cause watery eyes. Generally, swelling of the bumps only occurs about a few days, before finally deflating and recovering. Although at first glance seems to solve the problem, squeezing the string will only invite other problems. The liquid that comes out will also spread the infection around the location of the stint. Squeeze pimps should only be done by doctors or trained medica